Noblegarden is a spring related World of Warcraft event that celebrates Easter. Quests, unique items, achievements and funky costumes come to Azeroth during this festive week.

World of Warcraft Noblegarden event 2017 will start on the 17th of April and last for a week. Just like all the other WoW events, Noblegarden doesn’t reward players with game changing gear but it’s a great opportunity to collect unique vanity items, get achievements and have fun with the guild. There is no level requirement to take part in the Noblegarden activities.

Heroes of Azeroth start their Noblegarden adventure by talking to NPCs found in cities all over the world. They are required to travel to a starting area and locate an NPC called Spring Collector. Two quests, a daily and a non repeatable, are available. Both quests send players on an egg hunt. Eggs are found in starting areas and contain various event related items. Azure Watch (Alliance) and Falconwing Square (Horde) are considered the best places to acquire eggs, however, players should first try their luck in a starting area that’s close to them before traveling half of the world. Brightly Colored Eggs are small oval green objects with a pink belt. They spawn all over starting zones for both factions and the challenging part is spotting and grabbing one before other players. It’s recommended to put graphic details on the lowest setting to be able to differentiate the eggs from other ground objects.

Noblegarden vendors sell holiday attire and pets. They accept Noblegarden Chocolates as currency. This type of money can be found in Brightly Colored Eggs. Besides currency, an egg may contain any item that is bought from the vendor. The most expensive item is the Swift Springstrider mount which costs 500 chocolates. To complete the Noble Garden meta achievement players need to do a few achievements. Some are automatically acquired when doing Noblegarden quests but for others, players have to buy items from the vendors. Some traveling is required as well. The achievements can be completed in just a few days depending on players’ luck with drops from the Brightly Colored Eggs. There are also two additional achievements that don’t count towards the meta achievement. Painted eggs are special items that can be used to set up an egg hunt. It’s the perfect chance to have some casual guild interaction. The eggs may drop other eggs that are sold for World of Warcraft gold. The price ranges from 9 silver to 900 gold.