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Scott Young’s book “Ultralearning” is about how to set yourself the most daring self-learning goals and achieve them with unusual methods. The author talks about the principles of ultra-fast learning, which allow you to master any skill in a short time.

The book is recommended by: portal for managing managers 800CEOREAD; James Clear, author of the 2018 best-selling book Awesome Habits; Barbara Oakley, author of the best-selling book Think Like a Mathematician; Chris Guilbeaux, author of $ 100 Startup and other books; Cal Newport, author of Digital Minimalism and Deep Work.

How to quickly assimilate complex information and get any skill in the shortest possible time? There are 5 important learning principles that Scott Young talks about in his book Ultralearning.

Principle one: first you need to draw a map (diagram). You should figure out how best to learn the skill you want to learn. Draw this on a map and write down how you use your old skills to learn new ones.

Principle two: focus on the task at hand. Develop your ability to concentrate by setting aside time for this when you can fully focus on learning.

Principle three: do not deviate from the intended path, boldly move forward. At the first failure, do not strive to conclude that you have gone to the wrong business and it is time to try something else, less difficult and more convenient. What has begun must be completed.

Principle four: train constantly, working on your weak points until you have no weak points. If the overall skill seems difficult to you, break it down into a few simple tasks and move from one to the next, then combine them and see if you have mastered the whole process well.

Principle five: constantly arrange self-tests, come up with your own tests. Constantly testing your skills will force you to actively recall information, and not just look through it, looking for what you need in a book.

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