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Pipeline pieces such as the barred tee and cunifer

Pipeline pieces are important for the construction for pipelines and if you are working in this sector. Pipes are like a connection through which a substance, liquid or gas, can pass. It is important that a pipe is completely watertight and that it cannot leak or become filled with bad bacteria and algae, which of course you do not want. Also, pipes are susceptible to corrosion and rust, so it is important that you always order and use the right parts when making a good pipe. can help you with this. This is the expert in the field of pipe parts and they sell, among others, the barred tee and the cunifer. Would you like to know more about these pieces and what you can use them for? Then read on.

Two important pieces in the pipeline industry

First of all, it talks about the barred tee. This is a fitting with a branch line that is used in pipelines. In this piece, a restrictor rod can be seen. This actually allows the pig to run through the branch and thus not get stuck. It is important that the rods are made of similar or identical material to the parent material. Of course, you should always look carefully to see if the barred tee can be connected to your pipeline and if the branch connection is large enough to sidetrack the pig while traveling down the pipeline. Another important part you can buy at is a cunifer. This part is an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe) that is corrosion and seawater resistant. Because biological fouling also hardly occurs on this alloy, cunifer does not need any protective treatment and requires hardly any maintenance. This makes this material ideally suited for, for example, heat exchangers in ships and the offshore industry.

Order all your products easily online

Would you like to buy the right parts for your product, such as the cunifer and barred tee? Then you can feast your eyes on the wide range of Of course, you can also contact them so that they know immediately which parts you need.