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Holiday Cabin Maintenance Guide


If you’re lucky enough to own a holiday cabin, you probably know the maintenance struggles of log homes. Most holiday cabins are entirely made of wood, and you can increase the lifespan of this property by caring for it adequately.


After all, these tiny homes provide a wonderful escape from fast-paced urban life in the arms of Mother Nature. So, it’s your responsibility to keep clean and maintain it properly.


Here are some tips that will help you to maintain your holiday cabin.

Create an Inventory of Basic Cleaning Items to Have at Hand

When trying to maintain a log cabin, keeping your cleaning kit handy is important. You can add cleaning items such as vacuum, mop, indoor brushes, cloths, polish, glass cleaner, cleaning gloves to the kit.


It is an excellent way to create a stock of all these items; you can use it to clean your holiday cabin. Then, when you complete the work, you can leave it and enjoy yourself with your family.

Regular Inspection

First, you have to see whether your holiday cabin needs maintenance. For this purpose, you can take the help of a professional in the inspection. Then, you can get an expert opinion about how you can maintain your holiday cabin during the different seasons.


Once in the snowfall, in the rain, spring, once you slowly walk in your entire cabin. Keep checking what kind of maintenance is helpful. Take a look and explore which type of weather and temperature conditions are suitable for your place. You walk and find where the issue is coming from near the doors, windows, and rooftop.

Perform Staining

Stain is a problem in all types of houses, cottages, and any other places. The first stain application can last up to two years, depending on how many coats you can apply in your holiday cabin and the best quality.


In a holiday cabin, whichever part is dull with the sunlight will need re-staining to your area. If there is an oil stain in your place, you can apply the polish coat. You can apply the polish in your holiday cabin, which gives a new look to your area. 


Logs often crack, swell and check over time, mainly due to humidity. So, regular caulking is necessary for these tiny homes. Ideally, seal up the larger checks that are nearly a quarter of an inch to keep bugs and water out of the cabin. Use special log caulk produced with excellent sealant and stretch capabilities.

For large checks, start by filling the cavity and then apply the caulk over the cavity. It provides adhesion for the caulk and keeps the cabin protected for a long time.

Final Thoughts


Hopefully, after reading this article, you got some ideas on how to maintain your cabin. Cleanness is essential for your home and also for your hygiene. It saves them money in the long term, and it is easy to clean it.


A holiday cottage is a great space to which people retreat during one season or another season. The ambiance of these houses also makes them ideal for use throughout the year.