What does it mean?

A trance medium, or trance mediumship, is about a state of trance in which a medium can pass on messages from the other side, that is, from people that have passed away and are no longer physically present on earth. When a trance medium is in a state of trance, he or she is in another form of awareness. A synonym that is used often for trance mediumship is channeling. You can look at it like this: the spirit that communicates is in fact using the medium’s body to get through what they are trying to say.

Distinguishing between psychic abilities

There are many different forms and shapes of powers and abilities that psychics and mediums can have. So no wonder if you are feeling confused while browsing the web and reading about psychics. Not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums in fact are psychic (due to their form of psychic ability to communicate with those passed away). Often, skills will intertwine or will be developed in a later stadium by learning and practice. It is not unusual that during a psychic reading, your psychic will use a combination of psychic skills and abilities. Let’s elaborate a bit more on specific psychic skills:

  • Clairvoyance If someone is clairvoyant, it means they use their mind’s eye to see certain clear visions that they can translate and interpret.
  • Psychic abilities

Someone that has psychic abilities is able to use their intuitive power to understand energies and situations. They will be able to make sense of what is going on in your life and in turn offer advice and guidance as to how you can best proceed in your life in order to reach your goals.


Psychics and clairvoyants can be mediums, but not necessarily.

  • Medium If someone can get through to the other side and get in touch with spirits and those deceased, then this person is a medium.
  • Trance medium or channeling As spoken about above, a trance medium allows the spirit to use their body to communicate here on earth. The modern way of calling this is: ‘channeling’

When is a trance medium reading a good choice?

There are many different mediums that offer trance medium soul readings, such as Barbara the Medium. During this reading, the focus is on you, your journey and your soul. The medium will go in a state of trance, and this is when the Spirit Guides start revealing information. If you have a deceased love one that you would love to hear from, this is the perfect kind of reading for you. After this reading, you can feel support and guidance, as well as relief and a better understanding of your current situation on here on earth. If you are interested in spirit contact, you can also book another kind of reading such as a spirit guide reading. The options are endless. Go explore what psychics have to offer you to make the perfect choice for you.