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Benefit from the refurbishment of sparts and contribute to a circular economy

The refurbishment of spare parts is not only a very cost-saving method, but it is also a contribution to a better planet. Do you want to take advantage of cost-effective repairs and contribute to a better and environmentally-friendly future with your business? Then contact the experts from mt unirepair. This company is located in Gronsveld, The Netherlands, and it delivers its refurbished spare parts internationally. Especially in Europe and North-America, they have served various businesses and have delivered high-quality refurbished spare parts for their machinery and IT. Inquire after the possibilities for your business and discover what mt unirepair can do for your industry, systems, and processes.

With refurbished parts, you are able to increase the durability of ‘old’ machines

In the wake of ever shorter product life cycles, the refurbishment of spare parts is applied more and more. The company mt unirepair utilizes refurbished parts as much as they can when it comes to repairing IT systems and machinery. This does not only make it easier to repair products and machines to their original state, but is also more cost-efficient. Moreover, used and relatively old machines become more durable, which is also a great benefit for various businesses and industries. As mt unirepair is vendor-independent, they are able to repair and refurbish machines and components that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer. This requires extensive knowledge of many different machines and machine parts, which is exactly what you can expect from mt unirepair!

Discuss your preferences

Because of excellent and efficient logistics, this company can quickly deliver its products to companies throughout the world. They are easily accessible and located strategically in the Netherlands and the USA, served by an intermodal air-road transport access. Do you want to make use of their knowledge of the refurbishment of spare parts for machinery and IT systems? Contact their experts and discuss your preferences!