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A material handling equipment supplier you can rely on

As a industrial company, you are always on the lookout for possible innovative solutions to implement into your production process. However, you might not always have the time to investigate the market for these solutions. When you count on J-Tec, you can rely on a material handling equipment supplier who can manufacture a bespoke solution. This company was founded in 1970 and later became part of Katoen Natie, one of the biggest enterprises in Belgium. In this role, they have been at the forefront of developing intuitive engineering processes and handling systems for many global players on the market. With over 50 years of experience, they know the possibilities of every piece of technology available and will make sure to utilize anything within their grasp to grant you a more efficient system.

A mission to strive for excellence

At J-Tec, they are working constantly to strive for the highest degree of quality achievable by a material handling equipment supplier. They force themselves to be one step ahead by investing profoundly in ergonomics, safety and specification compliance. These objectives are combined with their fast and flexible service, by always being on the lookout for a tailor-made possibility for your specific production floor. By continually enhancing and improving on customer care, you can trust in an partner that is always there for you.

Contact them for more information

Are you interested in the solutions that J-Tec can offer you? Then feel free to contact this material handling equipment supplier and discover the rich variety of services they can provide for your company. You will surely not regret this decision as you can be certain that at the end of the cooperation, your company will come out as a stronger competitor in the market. Use the innovative minds of this company to severely improve and enhance the production of your own enterprise.